Experience as a Photographer.

Worked as a Photographer Early On

I grew up in a publishing family. Early on my father urged me to learn all aspects of the photographic process. Growing up I had two darkrooms to use! I was taught how to be a sports photographer and a news photographer. After all, news happens 24/7 and it helped the newspaper to have another staffer!

The training I received gives me a great foundation which enables me to be reliable and work effeciently which helps me create portraits, portfolios, catalog and web images quickly and reliably.


Custer County Chief helped me with event, sports, news, and portrait photography.Published as a Photographer Early On

I began in photojournalism. I am published in sports, news, wildlife, landscapes, and social events. Right after college I developed the desire to be a portrait photographer. I bought my first set of studio lights in 1982. I used a 35mm for news and sports photos but kept a 4x5 camera for portaits. I also upgraded to a color darkroom. Still did news photography in black and white, but began using color for my personal work.

Since my background is in news and sports, nothing is too fast paced for us to handle. This really helps with a corporate event or business photos with deadlines!

Computers and the digital world brought great change to publishing and photography. My switch started in 1995. I began the slow migration to digital photography. At first it was dealing with graphics in advertising. I started using Photoshop back when it version 2. But the photo evolution took many years.

With experience comes ability, reliability, and repeating results. So whether you are a first-time model needing a portfolio or a seasoned executive needing an inventory of web content, you can rely on us.

Much later, working as a graphic artist and production manager in Chicago I begain to learn photo-manipulation. Our clients included models, agencies, fashion designers, and high-dollar auction houses. We produced comp cards for the models. For fashion designers and the retail fashion industry we provided sales flyers. For auction houses we provided all kinds of services.

It’s truly amazing how a graphic artist
can help your image be its best!
We are much cheaper and easier than plastic surgery!
We are ready to create and shape your image
into the look you’ve been wanting.

Aqua Caliente, a landscape by Tucson Portrait Photographer, Jim PurcellFor the last ten years I’ve lived in Tucson and have furthered my photographic education. It’s fun and challenging. I enjoy the chance to create first-rate images! Whether it’s images for a website, family portraits, product shots, or even model portfolios and headshots, you’ll quickly learn we care for your image!


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